Health, Physical Education and ELA 




Health classes are not currently in session. I do, however, understand that some of my Health students might be in need of some stress relief, anxiety, mental wellness activities during this time. Below, you can find some resources to support this need. 


Physical Education


It can be difficult to stay active while being asked to stay home. I would like to support my students and their families find easy, sustainable ways to stay active. Here area a few resources.


Free phone and computer App suggestions.​​​​

Peloton provides a wide range of exercise options, including running, strength training and yoga. 

CorePower Yoga is providing 1 free class per week. 


I am currently supporting the ELA department in the role of Accelerated reader support teacher. I hold a BA in English from the University of Lynchburg.

ABOUT Ms. Smith

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It is my belief that all children deserve equal access to knowledge pertaining to health and fitness that nourish the whole person. Mind. Body. Spirit. I strive to maintain a safe learning environment in which I promote and exude awareness, inclusion, acceptance, and respect in both my Health and PE classes. I am not one to prescribe to the idea that "respect needs to be earned." I, however, believe that ​respect should be given unconditionally and I practice that philosophy with my students and their families.  

Teaching Philosophy

I am in my 10th year of teaching PE and my 6th year of teaching Health. I received a Bachelor's degree in English in 2006 but immediately found my way into the coaching world, where I feed my desire to serve youth and stay active. Soon after, I found myself at Springfield College, pursing a Master's in Advanced-Level Coaching with the intention of coaching at the college level. While in attendance and serving as a member in AmeriCorps, I was placed at Duggan Middle School, working primarily with the PE staff. I fell in love with the profession, the students, and the city of Springfield. After obtaining a Master's degree in Physical Education, I launched into my proud career at Chestnut, where I use my schooling, life experiences, and passion to teach and coach.



Hiking, camping, writing, playing sports, strength training, gardening, my cat, using uncle/dad jokes on my students, playing charades. 3 words...